4 Years of Research
14 Scientific Studies
2,000,000+ Animals
2 Consecutive Focus Group 120 People

SENESCENCE – In Vitro – JJ012 Cells

These studies have demonstrated that Waterdiam technology process affects the water overall reactivity (on all possible bioreactions).
Its beneficial outcome could arise from optimizing and supporting a more effective recognition and elimination of senescent cell populations (indigenous senolytics activity) improving the overall fitness.

WOUND HEALING – In Vitro – Tissue Cells

These studies have demonstrated that WaterDiam technology is able to produce a drinking water for farm animals which is able to stimulate cell regeneration/wound healing. As a matter of fact, the use of WaterDiam water technology should keep farm animals in a much better health condition with reduced veterinary costs and mortality, so that the return of investment should be very fast.

AGING – Lifespan – C Elegans

The WaterDiam technology elevates endogenous ROS activity and consequential oxidative stress and significantly extend the median lifespan of C Elegans while also potentially contribute to gains in worm’s life extension individually. The experiments show clear positive benefits for WaterDiam water consumption. 

ECZEMA (Atopic Dermatitis) – Mice

The present study objective was to determine whether WaterDiam Water could affect positively back skin thickness, skin erythema score and skin scaling score.
Results after first trial of 28 days shows a regular decrease of mentioned parameters for animals drinking WaterDiam Water on a daily basis.

1 – Wound Healing
Wagenfeld, Germany – Dartsch Scientific Cell Biologically Testing Systems

2 – Metabolites & Roots Stimulation
Nancy, France – Plant Advanced Technology

3 – Cellular Senescence
Miami, Florida – Laboratory Nag-biosystems

4 – 3 Farm Animals & Waterdiam Studies
Alsace, France, Alsace Agriculture Chamber

5 – Water Structure
Montpellier, France – CNRS (1st French Research Institute, 2nd World Ranked Research Institute)

6 – Aquaponic & Permaculture Greenhouses
Molsheim, France – Myfood

7 – C-elegans Aging
Miami, Florida – Laboratory Nag-biosystems

8- Rmn – Raman Spectroscopies
Mulhouse, France – University Of Strasbourg + CNRS + Carnot Mica

9 – Eczema Model On Mice
Quebec, Canada – Laboratory Charles River

10 – Chickens Growth Antibiotic Less Study
Athens, Georgia– University Of Georgia – 2021

11 – Microbiome Analysis (Mice, Chicken, Piglets)
Miami, Florida – University Of Miami (UM) – 2021

12 – Cytokine Bio Markers
Montpellier, France – CNRS (1st French Research Institute, 2nd World Ranked Research Institute)

13 – Cancer Cells In Guinea Pigs
Sofia, Bulgaria – National Institute of Medecine

14 – Water 3.0: Focus Group Of 120 People
France & Us – Data Analysis Via Mobile App