Ever wonder about water? At Waterdiam, it’s practically our obsession.
Sure, it’s an everyday necessity, but what if one of
the world’s most essential elements got a tech upgrade?
Waterdiam began way back in the year 2000, as part of the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology’s research on chemical-free water treatment.
Over the decades, we’ve refined
the research and have conducted more than 40 scientific studies to prove that our proprietary biotechnology fundamentally changes water, down to the molecules.
Waterdiam does more than quench your thirst. Our technology has the ability to strengthen our immune system and combat the aging process at a cellular level.
To top it off, we shrank all
that ingenuity into a beautifully designed, app-driven bottle that eliminates the need for landfill-clogging plastics, so you can feel good as you do good for the environment.

Have a taste of water that’s proven to improve you, inside and out.

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